The majority of individuals own a smartphone, a reason enough to understand the interesting facts related to the designing, development, marketing, and therefore the downloading of the apps. The present mobile app development regime is dynamic because of the types of apps available in app stores. They need features worth talking about, which is additionally a reason for the soaring number of app downloads in several stores.

There is ongoing competition between the businesses providing development services. And since of the explanation we’ve here some interesting facts to seem upon:

The global population of mobile app users goes to be nearly 5 billion by 2019. Check data here.

  • Google Play store has quite 1.6 billion apps
  • Apple App Store has almost 1.5 billion apps

Over 60% of apps in the Apple App Store are downloaded

While the number of apps will see a big hike in the following year, it’s in favor of app agencies to stay conscious of the most crucial facts around app development.

1. How Much to Invest in the Development Phase

There should be a well-defined strategy on the value aspect in order that the developer might not charge much. To work out the value, it’s important to possess a summary of various app development phases. Right from conceptualizing the thought to turning an equivalent into reality, right from hiring the resources to developing the app, and right from the marketing of an equivalent to helping it reach top charts, every phase needs some expenses which is why it’s much better to have a rough estimate of the expenses before the event starts.

2. Information on the Legal Agreement

It may come as a surprise to several, but app development needs verification against some legal agreements. It’s a pact of security for the app and therefore the investment made into an equivalent. Keep written contacts handy with you to sign agreements with developers and designers. The matters associated with the app payment must be documented initially as place to stay things secured for the future. Confirm the documents are signed before you start to figure with anyone.

3. BYOD Trend in App Development

BYOD or bring your own device is the new trend that’s getting popular among users. The concept suggests that users should bring their own devices to work. As a trending concept, BYOD has its own pros and cons. While allowing the trends, the business owners or the entrepreneurs should keep in mind the safety aspects. Because the concept allows an outdoor device to work that doesn’t belong to the business can pose a number of safety threats to the sensitive business data. Hence, the devices must be appropriately checked on security grounds.

4. Deep Market Research

A mobile application must be an outcome of deep market research. Though marketing research helps the app developers or the entrepreneurs know what’s in trend and which technology they ought to work on to realize maximum attention from the clients. Such research also gives an insight into the competition that’s prevailing within the market. This approach is great to initiate the event of mobile apps. Such extended research also allows the businesses to understand the likes and dislikes of the purchasers, which helps them create apps to suit the requirements of the clients.

5. The App Economy is Likely to Produce A Higher Number of Job Opportunities

As the user’s interest in mobile app development is increasing day by day, there’s an opportunity for increased job opportunities in a similar sector. Besides the opportunities that are available for developers and therefore the designers, the related sector includes app advertising and marketing that needs more skilled professionals to grab users’ attention. Moreover, customized apps are becoming a favorite of several businesses generating the need for skilled labor in work.

6. Advertising Earns Maximum Revenue for Apps

By the top of 2018, advertising revenue is expected to reach $16.9 billion. The revenue amount is merely getting to grow within the upcoming years. Which is a chance for professionals to join the industry to get maximum exposure. Advertising for the apps may be a business that’s reshaping the normal ways in which a variety of developers have kept practicing these years. For Digital Marketing related query, click here.

7. Adequate App Testing is Required

Although many app developers believe bug finding and resolving to be the ultimate app testing, it’s a step further, actually. Checking the ultimate app for resolving the bug is required, but the testing doesn’t stop there. It’s imperative to check the app on the respective devices that they’re supposed to run on. This provides a transparent picture of the issues (if there are any) within the apps.


The mobile app development industry is growing like never before. The business isn’t the maximum amount identical because it was a couple of years ago. Therefore, it becomes essential for the app developers to possess the knowledge of each new trend and therefore the facts prevailing within the industry. The write-up may be a brief on a number of the most interesting facts that each professional associated with the app industry must know.


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